Ringmat Developments

RINGMAT DEVELOPMENTS was founded in 1992 for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing RINGMAT, a leading LP

record support mat. The company is part of the Quality Records (QR) Group, established in 1982, which also comprises QR Design.

QR Design develops a range of high-quality hi-fi products designed to transform the playback of CDs and LPs. Founding member John Rogers, drawing on over 20 years' experience in sound reproduction, leads the company's research and development programme. The goal of QR Design is to produce products which enhance the sound quality of CDs and LPs played on a variety of hi-fi systems, in order to recreate the experience of the original performance. Ringmat Developments is responsible for delivering those products to the music-loving public.


RINGMAT is the Group's highly successful flagship product in the field of vinyl record sound reproduction. RINGMAT is the first LP record support which has been specifically designed to generate an accurate, low distortion signal, creating a new standard in LP sound quality.

In addition to other activities in the field of high-fidelity sound reproduction, QR Design has been heavily engaged in the development of RINGMAT, STATMAT, RINGMAT FEET and a number of new products to be marketed by RINGMAT Developments. Ringmat Feet and other new products, currently under development, will radically transform CD playback still further.

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